Microsoft Malware Protection Center

The portal officially launches in early July and will have additional features such as malware sample submission. In the meantime, it lists things such as the most active families and variants for malware, most active email threats, and the top adware/spyware removed. It also provides links to download the... [Read More]

Microsoft release first public beta for "Longhorn"

According to eWeek, Microsoft will release the third beta, which is also the first pubic beta, for Windows Server “Longhorn” today. So far, Longhorn remains on track for RTM in the second half of 2007. More than 10,000 people have already tested the product either directly through Microsoft’s technical... [Read More]

WM6 Devices To Gain 'Virtual BlackBerry' Support

Redmond Developer News just published an article saying that Research In Motion (RIM) will be making available later this year software that provides Windows Mobile 6 devices a “virtual” BlackBerry experience. The software will feature email, browsing, instant messaging, and other capabilities and will also let WM6 devices take advantage... [Read More]


The guys over at Xceed, makers of the powerful yet free Xceed DataGrid for WPF have just launched the WPFwiki. The wiki was created to be a community resource for developers working with Windows Presentation Foundation. Even though the site was just launched, the idea started in... [Read More]