New skins available for GWB

There are a few new skins available for GWB bloggers, bringing the total number of skins up to 21. The skins are: AnotherEon001 Back In Black (new) Blue BlueBook Cogitation Day Dreamin’ (new) Dirtylicious (new) GreenBook Informatif (new) KeyWest Leafy Lightz Minty (new)... [Read More]

Windows Live Writer and Subtext

Jeff has updated his original post about configuring Windows Live Writer for .Text so that it shows how to configure WLW for use with Subtext. The nice thing is that this is very simple and really just involves running through the wizard and selecting “Another weblog service” as the... [Read More]

CC.NET Vista Sidebar Gadget

Simone Chiaretta has just released a beta version of his new Vista Sidebar Gadget for monitoring Cruise Control.NET. This gadget uses the CC.NET REST-like API and connects to the XmlStatusReport service that comes as part of CC.NET. CC.NET Vista Sidebar Gadget docked to the sidebar... [Read More]

Windows XP phase out

According to APC magazine, Windows XP is due to be phased out by the end of 2007. Microsoft plans to stop OEM copies as an option for system builders. What this will mean is that starting next year, any new computer bought from a retailer must come with Windows... [Read More]