Xbox 360 Elite

Microsoft just announced the Xbox 360 Elite gaming console. The Elite version has a price tag of $479.99 and includes the following: Xbox 360 Elite console Premium black finish 3 core processors 1080p support, 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio anti-aliasing full surround sound HDMI output DVD playback with upscaling capabilities Xbox... [Read More]

Why QA is important

For those of you who question why QA is important, here is proof. The city where I live put up a new street sign last night at an intersection in downtown. The street is named Kennedy Blvd. In a mistake being called “human error” by the city’s public works directory,... [Read More]

CodeCamp is over...

and my blog was referenced in one of the talks that I happened to attend. I was duly surprised when I saw my WPF Datagrid control post popup on the overhead and see it listed on the references slide. I must say, it was pretty cool. Overall, I think... [Read More]

Tech·Ed 2007 Keynote

The Keynote speaker for Tech·Ed 2007 will be Bug Muglia, Senior Vice President of the Microsoft Server and Tools business. The Keynote will cover the evolution of IT from an organizational cost center (a group that is expected to cost a company money each year rather than earning revenue) to... [Read More]

In Memoriam - John Backus

The computer world lost a huge figure in the history of programming languages today. John Backus, the primary developer responsible for Fortran, died at his home in Oregon today. He was 82. The cause of death is believed to be old age. Fortran is regarded as the first widely used... [Read More]