XFN Link Editor plugin now available

I just received the confirmation email from Windows Live Gallery letting me know that my XFN Link Editor plugin is available for download. You can download it by going to http://gallery.live.com/LiveItemDetail.aspx?li=217b89d0-30cb-4370-958e-f22307173ae0. [Read More]

Editor's Pick on TechEd Bloggers

I just noticed that my Tech·Ed Technical Tracks Summary post was just listed as a TechEd Bloggers Editor’s Pick for Sunday, February 18. I also received some feedback from Rob Relyea, the Program Manager for the WPF Team (http://rrelyea.spaces.live.com) regarding my Tech·Ed Technical Tracks - Where’s WPF? post stating... [Read More]

Reflector 5.0

Reflector 5.0 was just released today. If you haven’t already downloaded, do it now. It has a ton of new features, and makes version 4 pale in comparison. In fact, there are so many new features that Lutz has put together a PowerPoint slideshow that gives an overview of... [Read More]

SlickEdit Gadgets

Since I’ve been looking into writing a custom Visual Studio package, I came across a nice set of free “gadgets” from SlickEdit. These can only be described as a set of very cool power toys for Visual Studio. These gadgets will only work with Visual Studio 2005, but should... [Read More]

MsBuild == Sybil?

As I was writing my previous post, I found an odd spelling correction suggested by the Windows Live Writer spell checker. It would appear that the suggested spelling for MSBuild is Sybil. That might just explain things. [Read More]