The Programmer's Bill of Rights

I came across a reference to this on Code Project tonight while I was responding to some of the comments on my articles. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I like this idea. Maybe if we all go on strike until our companies adopt it? Hmm…then again... [Read More]

Implementing IDisposable and the Dispose pattern

I just posted a new article on Code Project that explains the proper way to implement the IDisposable interface and the Dispose pattern. Implementing IDisposable is something that often times gets skipped over and when it does get implemented, it is usually implemented simply by following the interface... [Read More]

Microsoft gets Symantec Exec

I just saw in the latest issue of eWeek that Microsoft has hired veteran virus researcher Vincent Gullotto to head the Security Research and Response Team (SRRT). Gullotto is a crack anti-virus researcher who has worked with McAfee and Symantec. He will become the general manager for the SRRT... [Read More]

Keeping the people stupid

My wife was watching Real Time with Bill Maher tonight on HBO, when she heard the following statement: I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but I swear to God, I think it’s in the interest of corporations to keep the people stupid, and the best way to keep... [Read More]

The reorg shuffle

Today finished my first day after the reorganization shuffle last night at work. We lost two people, one developer and one manager and two other managers (including myself) were moved around and are no longer managers. All of the political reasons and posturing aside, it has made me realize one... [Read More]