South Florida Code Camp 2009

I wanted to thank Dave and everyone else who helped coordinate the South Florida Code Camp this year. It was an excellent event and I believe the final number of attendees was a little over 700, which makes this the largest known code camp in the world. For those... [Read More]

Visual Studio 2008 Debugging – The Watch Window

The Watch window (actually there are four different Watch windows you can use) is easily the most powerful aspect of the Visual Studio debugger and the underlying technology it uses actually surfaces in several places: Watch Autos Locals Quick Watch “Data Tips” (the debugging tool tips that appear when... [Read More]

Visual Studio 2008 Debugging – Advanced Tricks

We previously talked about the Location, Condition, Hit Count, Filter, and When Hit modifiers for breakpoints. These are great advanced breakpoints that will really make your debug sessions much more useful, but there are also some other advances in Visual Studio that go beyond these breakpoint modifiers.... [Read More]

Visual Studio 2008 Debugging Tricks – Tracepoints

We have talked about the Location, Condition, Hit Count, and Filter modifiers for breakpoints which only leaves the When Hit modifier. Using the When Hit modifier allows you to change your breakpoint to a tracepoint. What is a tracepoint? Simply put, it is a breakpoint that continues execution.... [Read More]