Visual Studio 2008 Debugging Tricks – Tracepoints

We have talked about the Location, Condition, Hit Count, and Filter modifiers for breakpoints which only leaves the When Hit modifier. Using the When Hit modifier allows you to change your breakpoint to a tracepoint. What is a tracepoint? Simply put, it is a breakpoint that continues execution.... [Read More]

Visual Studio 2008 Debugging Tricks – Multi-Threaded Debugging

We previously talked about the Location, Condition and Hit Count modifiers for advanced breakpoints. These are great for a lot of different debugging scenarios, but what about tricks specifically for debugging multi-threaded applications. If you have ever tried to debug a multi-threaded application you know that it isn’t always... [Read More]

Visual Studio 2008 Debugging Tricks – Advanced Breakpoints

The most basic aspect of any debugging session is the use of breakpoints, which allows you to specify a location in your application (a line of code) where program execution will stop (break) and allow you to inspect the internal state of the application at that exact moment. This is... [Read More]

Windows 7 Product Lines Announced

Microsoft today announced the new product line for Windows 7. In some ways the new Windows 7 product line follows the same ideas of Windows Vista, but the big differences are that each Windows 7 edition is a superset of the previous edition (which means that... [Read More]

Fit in February Developer Challenge

I don’t know why or how I missed this earlier, but I just found out about the Fit in February Developer Challenge. After reading the official rules, which includes a brief explanation of why the challenge was started, I think this is an excellent way to entice us developers... [Read More]