Tampa Code Camp Sessions

Tampa Code Camp is this weekend and I’m presenting 3 sessions: Understanding Lambda Expressions Lambda expressions are an integral part of LINQ and a powerful new feature of .NET 3.0. We will explore the history of lambda expressions and how they operate in .NET, and how they can... [Read More]

.NET Lambda Expressions – Resources

I present at a lot of the local Florida code camps (and some out of state ones as well) and have a presentation that focuses on understanding Lambda expressions in .NET. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is a subset of the books, articles, blogs, and presentations that... [Read More]

Silverlight 3

Silverlight 2 was just released a few short months ago, but ScottGu is already providing hints at what we will see in Silverlight 3 which is supposed to be out sometime next year and will be a major update. Some of the major enhancements and improvements are: ... [Read More]

Generics in C#

Generics in C# have been around for a while (the concept of generics has been around even longer) but there are still a lot of developers who don’t have a good understanding of what they are or how to use them. Looking at the direction C# 4.0 is taking, generics... [Read More]

Tampa Code Camp

Tampa Code Camp is coming up in just two weeks, so be sure to register now if you plan to attend. The speaker bios and full agenda haven’t been published yet, but the list of sessions is now available. If you’re going, be sure to check out my... [Read More]