MSDN Developer Conference: The Best of PDC 2008

Did you miss PDC this year? Don’t want to watch the recorded sessions? Then register today for an MSDN Developer Conference near you! The MSDN Developer Conference (MDC) brings you the best content of the PDC presented by your local field evangelists and community influentials (mostly Microsoft MVPs). The... [Read More]

CLR 4.0: Native-Managed Interoperability Improvements

Exposing a native application to a managed application hasn’t always been the easiest experience. The good news is that there are some significant improvements in the interoperability story between native and managed code. In the current versions of the .NET Framework, the process starts with running the tlbimp tool to... [Read More]

CLR 4.0: In Process Side-by-Side CLR Hosting

The CLR is the core set of APIs that make up the .NET Framework. Each release of the CLR has added functionality, with the most functionality being added in the .NET 3.0 and .NET 3.5 releases. These releases used a “layer cake model” <img src="/img/posts/2008/2008-11-10-clr-4.0-in-process-side-by-side-clr-hosting/image_6.png" alt=""... [Read More]

CLR 4.0: Managed Languages

Over the years .NET has been a great platform for multiple languages, and actually launched with support for 16 different languages. Up until recently, however, it has been difficult (but not impossible) to create functional and dynamic languages for .NET. With the release of CLR 4.0, Microsoft is officially releasing... [Read More]