CLR 4.0: Garbage Collection Changes

The .NET garbage collector is one of the areas of the .NET Framework that is extremely important and probably one of the least understood. There are a lot of articles written about it and there have been very few changes since .NET 1.0 was first released. (There have been changes... [Read More]

Sushi Geek Dinner @ PDC 2008

If you like sushi and are attending PDC 2008 in Los Angeles, then join us for some great sushi and networking Wednesday night. If you’re attending The Underground @ PDC, be sure to join us since Oomasa (in Little Tokyo) is only a few blocks away. The registration is... [Read More]

Microsoft PDC Mobile

A few days ago Microsoft announced that the PDC website was going mobile. Go to: for the PDC mobile experience. I think it’s great that you can get the agenda and sessions on your phone, but what is sorely lacking is the ability for me to... [Read More]

Getting Ready for PDC 2008

PDC 2008 starts in a few days. I’ve setup a preliminary schedule already, but, as always, it’s subject to change once I get there. It will be good to see the early bits for Windows 7, including a Windows 7 Application Compatibility Lab. I’m staying at the Grand Kyoto Hotel,... [Read More]

New .NET Logos

Just in time for PDC, Microsoft has unveiled new logos for the .NET Framework. According to Chris Keonig’s blog post about the new logos, the change was made because We [Microsoft] needed a logo that was in sync with the... [Read More]