CLR 4.0: Managed Languages

Over the years .NET has been a great platform for multiple languages, and actually launched with support for 16 different languages. Up until recently, however, it has been difficult (but not impossible) to create functional and dynamic languages for .NET. With the release of CLR 4.0, Microsoft is officially releasing... [Read More]

Tampa Bay IASA – Upcoming Meetings

All of the meeting times from now through the end of 2009 have been published on our meeting registration page. The topics for the 2009 meetings have not been finalized yet…so if you are interested in speaking please let me know. [Read More]

CLR 4.0: Debugging Improvements

Debugging in .NET 4.0 has become a bit easier as well thanks to better support for dump debugging through Visual Studio. This means that dump debugging now has support via ICorDebug, which is the same API that is used to enable live debugging and will also allow you to debug... [Read More]

CLR 4.0: Code Contracts

If anyone is familiar with the Microsoft Research (MSR) project Spec# you will be familiar with the idea of contract based programming. CLR 4.0 takes the idea of contract based programming (and more specifically code contracts to ensure code validity) from Spec# and adds it to the CLR. This... [Read More]