Visual Studio Macro to Collapse Extra Vertical Space

A few days ago in one of the CodeProject disucssion forums someone was looking for a way to easily remove the extra vertical whitespace in a file. This is really handy if you copy and paste code from the web or otherwise have a file that has multiple consecutive blank... [Read More]


Stackoverflow is an interesting new community site launched by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky that just went into public beta yesterday. Jeff has a pretty interesting explanation of what the site is all about: Stackoverflow is sort of like the anti-<a... [Read More]

Windows Live Sync

I have talked about Windows Live FolderShare in the past and have always really liked what it offers. As part of the new Windows Live Wave 3 release, although not an official part of the release yet, is the fact that FolderShare is being renamed... [Read More]

Windows Live Wave 3 Beta Downloads

The beta downloads for the new Windows Live Wave 3 applications are here. This includes new versions of: Messenger Mail Writer Photo Gallery Movie Maker Toolbar Family Safety Microsoft Office Outlook Connector To give you an idea of what’s new in some of the products: The look... [Read More]

.NET Memory Management – Resources

I present at a lot of the local Florida code camps (and some out of state ones as well) and have a set of presentations that I do which focus on .NET memory management, specifically a “deep dive” on how the GC works and another presentation which talks about how... [Read More]