Tag Helpers

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tag Helpers in ASP.NET Core 1.0, you can think of them as the next logical evolution of Html Helpers. The differences between them are much more significant though. While Html Helpers were a good improvement that simplified things, they are invoked as... [Read More]

Logo designs

Several years ago I was in need of some logo design services for one of my projects. Since I’m not a graphics designer, I knew I would need to use a design service. As a result, I turned to my attention to a web search and started investigating my options.... [Read More]

Build 2016 Day 1 Keynote

Build 2016 opened today. Although I’m not in attendence, the keynote was live-streamed so I was able to watch it. If you missed the keynote, be sure to check it out once it’s available on Channel 9. All in all, there were a ton of announcements today and... [Read More]

RSS Feed Updates

If you were already subscribed to my blog using the RSS feed, you were using the feed available at FeedBurner. I’ve updated that feed to pull content from the new blog (here on GitHub), so you shouldn’t have to do anything to continue receiving updates. I also updated the... [Read More]