Introducing Cadru 2.0

Just over two years ago, Cadru was released as an open source framework. Since then, there have been numerous changes, improvements, and updates. This latest update includes a lot of new features and, unfortunately, one breaking change. First up, the breaking change. In an earlier release, ToRelativeTimeString and... [Read More]

The future for Microsoft (predications)

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a post called The future for Microsoft. This was a “predications” post based on what I was seeing in the industry and in Microsoft, with a some judicious “reading between the lines” and speculation on my part. To quickly recap those predications, I... [Read More]

Kendo Grid MVC Wrapper Automatic Column Configuration

The Telerik Kendo Grid control is really powerful, especially when combined with the MVC wrappers. One of the things that make the MVC wrapper so useful is the ability to automatically (and easily) generate data-bound columns. It’s a single line of code: .Columns(columns => columns.AutoGenerate(true)) The... [Read More]

Introducing jQuery-goTop

There are lots of pages that use some sort of JavaScript or jQuery plugin to provide a “go to top” feature. I’m sure you’ve seen it: As you scroll down the page, a little arrow appears somewhere near the bottom that lets you easily jump back to the top. For... [Read More]