INETA Community Champions

If you are a user group leader in the worldwide community of Microsoft® .NET user groups, you probably already know about INETA. Don’t know about INETA? Then you should definitely take a look and become an INETA member group. Are you already involved with an INETA member group? Be... [Read More]

Visual Studio Feature Request – Statement Outlining

If you write .NET code using Visual Studio 2005 or 2008, you’ve probably noticed the automatic outlining the IDE makes available to you. This automatically creates collapsible sections in your code for comments, regions, functions, properties, namespaces, classes, and the using block. While this is a... [Read More]

Windows Live Writer CTP

I have been a big fan of Windows Live Writer since it was first available, and that continues with the latest CTP release. There have been a lot of changes between the last beta and this CTP, including some much needed UI improvements and new features, including: Upload... [Read More]

Microsoft Community Summit 2008 ]inbetween[

If you’re going to Tech·Ed Developer or IT Pro this year,  be sure to come out to the Microsoft Community Summit 2008 (also known as ]inbetween[ or the Tech·Ed Tweener Weekend, since it’s in between the two events). This is a 2-day free event hosted by the Florida user... [Read More]