BlueCasting at Tech·Ed!

Last time it was RFID, this time it’s Bluetooth. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, you have the opportunity to receive content on it. What this content actually is hasn’t been mentioned yet, but hopefully it will involve useful things like schedule changes and other... [Read More]

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server “Longhorn” has officially been named Windows Server 2008. To go along with the name change, Microsoft has made Beta 3 publicly available for download. You can download it from either the TechNet Beta Central site, or the MSDN Evaluation Center site. You can also order it on DVD.... [Read More]

Mindscape BrainDump

My friend Simone, from Subtext and the creator of the CCNET monitor gadget for Vista, was just interviewed for the first Mindscape BrainDump video blog post. Check out the full video at: BrainDump #1 - Simone Chiaretta. Congratulations, Simone! [Read More]

Virtual Tech·Ed is live

One of the “staples” of the Tech·Ed experience has always been the Virtual TechEd site. This year, Microsoft is changing things around a little bit and making the site live year round in order to extend the Tech·Ed experience before, during, and after the conference. As part of the new experience,... [Read More]

Smart Client Sessions Calendar for Tech·Ed 2007

One of the topic areas that I am focusing on at Tech·Ed this year is Smart Clients. In keeping with my other Internet Calendars, I have created a calendar for all of the Smart Client related sessions. It is available at: [webcals://](webcals:// [Read More]