Vista Service Pack 1

According to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Vista SP1 beta 1 to launch in mid-July, with the final version around November 2007. A November release is also the target for RTM of Windows Server 2008, which, if they meet the deadlines means that they were able to stick to a schedule announced a year ago when they announced Vista SP! and Windows Server 2008 will be released simultaneously.

Apparently, the Microsoft Windows Client team is trying to clamp down on the amount of information available relating to future directions of the Windows client.

This Service Pack is all about fixes rather than new features. I’m sure that there will be some new features that find their way in, but the main focus is to enhance or supplement features that are already part of Vista.

Here is a list of likely fixes:

  • Desktop search modifications
  • Performance tweaks for shutdown times
  • Performance tweaks for copying files
  • Improved transfer performance and decreased CPU utilization by providing support for SD Advanced DMA
  • Support for ExFat
  • Improvements to BitLocker to allow encryption of locally created volumes
  • EFI support on x64 machines
  • Improvements for firewalled MeetingSpace and Remote Assistance connections