Phil Haack (Subtext) Podcast interview

Phil Haack was interviewed at MIX07 by Tim Heuer for his new TimCast podcast. In the interview, which lasts about 7 minutes, Phil explains how he got started working on Subtext, and open source in general. About half-way through the interview, Tim asks about the community support for Subtext,... [Read More]

Community Credit Winner for April

I was just awarded 5th prize for April 2007. This goes along with the 16th place prize I won back in February. ” This shirt may be, according to various scientific research councils we paid off, the World’s Most Clever Shirt ever. It’s quite possibly the World’s Most Clever Shirt... [Read More]

CC.NET Vista Sidebar Gadget updates

For those of you who are keeping up with the progress Simone Chiaretta has been making on his excellent CC.NET Monitor gadget, he is getting ready to release the 0.8 version. This version includes a lot of feedback received, and implements the following features: new tab style settings page ... [Read More]

Silverlight going open source, sort of...

Last month, I blogged about Adobe Flex going open source. It seems Microsoft has taken notice, and is making some of Silverlight available as open source. Microsoft is also releasing the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) and IronPython on CodePlex under the Microsoft Permissive License. This allows developers and users... [Read More]

The most important open-source apps

eWEEK Labs has named the 18 most important open-source applications. These are applications that have helped make open-source technologies integral enterprise tools. In no particular order, here they are: Apache Linux Kernel Nessus Firefox Perl Wireshark PHP VNC BSD Webmin Asterisk Nmap MySQL Nagios Eclipse Samba OpenSSH and... [Read More]