Visual Studio user settings per project/solution - update

The other day, I posted about a feature request submitted to Microsoft Connect. Well, it ended up getting 21 votes before Microsoft closed it as “Closed (Won’t Fix)”. The comment they left was Thanks for reporting this suggestion. Unfortunately we will not be able to address this... [Read More]


The guys over at Xceed, makers of the powerful yet free Xceed DataGrid for WPF have just launched the WPFwiki. The wiki was created to be a community resource for developers working with Windows Presentation Foundation. Even though the site was just launched, the idea started in... [Read More]

Tech·Ed 2007 Schedule Builder

The Tech·Ed 2007 Schedule Builder is now live! It doesn’t list the Birds-of-a-Feather sessions yet, but hopefully they will be added soon. You can get to the builder at: [Read More]

Visual Studio user settings per project/solution

In a recent email discussion between a few of the Subtext developers and myself, we talked about the need to have the Visual Studio editor settings (like tab size, curly brace location, etc.) stored with each solution as well as globally. The problem here is that many of us use... [Read More]


I’ve just found a new blog reader that promises to completely change the way you read blogs. The biggest difference between FeedGhost and other blog readers is that it works on a subscription basis. What this means is that when you subscribe to a blog,... [Read More]