GWB Conversion to Subtext

Jeff just recently posted that the conversion of from .Text to Subtext is back underway. I am really looking forward to seeing the conversion complete. Subtext has a lot of great features and has a very active development community. I’m sure GWB will be converting to Subtext 1.9... [Read More]

Joe Wells leaving Sunbelt

For those of you who have been following my blog, you should remember that I used to work at a local computer security company, Sunbelt Software. Just over a year ago, Joe joined Sunbelt a their Chief Scientist for Security Research. (Disregard the date on the press release,... [Read More]

Xbox 360 Elite

Microsoft just announced the Xbox 360 Elite gaming console. The Elite version has a price tag of $479.99 and includes the following: Xbox 360 Elite console Premium black finish 3 core processors 1080p support, 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio anti-aliasing full surround sound HDMI output DVD playback with upscaling capabilities Xbox... [Read More]

Why QA is important

For those of you who question why QA is important, here is proof. The city where I live put up a new street sign last night at an intersection in downtown. The street is named Kennedy Blvd. In a mistake being called “human error” by the city’s public works directory,... [Read More]

CodeCamp is over...

and my blog was referenced in one of the talks that I happened to attend. I was duly surprised when I saw my WPF Datagrid control post popup on the overhead and see it listed on the references slide. I must say, it was pretty cool. Overall, I think... [Read More]