Tech·Ed 2007 Keynote

The Keynote speaker for Tech·Ed 2007 will be Bug Muglia, Senior Vice President of the Microsoft Server and Tools business. The Keynote will cover the evolution of IT from an organizational cost center (a group that is expected to cost a company money each year rather than earning revenue) to... [Read More]

In Memoriam - John Backus

The computer world lost a huge figure in the history of programming languages today. John Backus, the primary developer responsible for Fortran, died at his home in Oregon today. He was 82. The cause of death is believed to be old age. Fortran is regarded as the first widely used... [Read More]


Microsoft has a released a new technology showcase site called Dinner Now. From the website: DinnerNow is a fictious [sic.] marketplace where customers can order food from local restaurants for delivery to their home or office. This sample is designed to demonstrate how you can develop a connected application... [Read More]

2nd Annual Orlando .NET CodeCamp

The Orlando CodeCamp is basically a free one day conference for and by the community. Last year we had 7 tracks with over 45 speakers and 300 attendees present. This event is the MUST attend event of the year if you are a .NET developer or architect in Central Florida.... [Read More]

Just Pencils! a subscript...

After hunting around on Google for a few minutes, I was not able to find the person who may have originally taken these photos…but I was able to find the original sculptor. All of these pencil sculptures are the creation of Jennifer Maestre an incredibly talented woman. The pencil... [Read More]