SQL Anywhere 10 Developer Edition

One of the online developer newsletters I receive is “Application Development Trends”. In the most recent newsletter, they have an offer for a free download of SQL Anywhere 10 Developer Edition. I don’t personally use SQL Anywhere, since I work in an all-Microsoft shop and have a couple of... [Read More]

FoxPro Retiring

It seems this is the year for Microsoft to announce product retirements. First GotDotNet, then Visual J#, and now eWeek just announced that FoxPro is being retired as well. According to Microsoft, they will not be releasing any new versions of Visual FoxPro past version 9.0, but... [Read More]

Commodore is back!

I don’t know about you, but my first home computer was a Commodore VIC-20 longer ago than I care to admit. From there, it was a Commodore C64, then a C128. After that, we got our first IBM PC compatible, a Goldstar made PC clone. I... [Read More]

Visual J# Retiring

I’m sure there’s a clearer explanation somewhere, but reading the announcement on the J# home page is just a bit confusing. So far, what I’ve been able to piece together is that Visual J# 2.0 Redistributable will still be released sometime in Q2 of 2007 and support for English locales... [Read More]

Folder Size for Windows Explorer

If you have ever wanted to know how big a folder was, you had two options: Open a dos prompt and get a directory listing Open the properties for the folder Wouldn’t it be great if the folder size could be displayed right in... [Read More]