Favorite Visual Studio 2010 Extensions

Now that Visual Studio 2010 has been released, there are a lot of extensions being written. In fact, as of today (May 1, 2010 at 15:40 UTC) there are 809 results for Visual Studio 2010 in the Visual Studio Gallery. If you filter this list to show just the... [Read More]

Microsoft StyleCop is now Open Source

I have previously talked about Microsoft StyleCop. For those that might not know about it, StyleCop is a source analysis tool (different from the static analysis that FxCop performs) that analyzes the source code directly. As a result, it focuses on more design (or style) issues such as layout,... [Read More]

Visual Studio, .NET Framework, and language versions

Every so often a question comes up about how Visual Studio, the .NET Framework, and a .NET programming language relate to each other. Mostly, these questions have to do with versions. The reality is that these are actually three different “products” that are versioned independently of each other but are... [Read More]

Visual Studio 2010 and Target Framework Version

Almost two years ago, I wrote about a Visual Studio macro that allows you to change the Target Framework version of all projects in a solution. If you don’t know, the Target Framework version is what tells the compiler which version of the .NET Framework to compile against (more... [Read More]


An empty string is different than an unassigned string variable (which is null), and is a string containing no characters between the quotes (“”). The .NET Framework provides String.Empty to represent an empty string, and there is no practical difference between (“”) and String.Empty. One of the most... [Read More]