Generics in C#

Generics in C# have been around for a while (the concept of generics has been around even longer) but there are still a lot of developers who don’t have a good understanding of what they are or how to use them. Looking at the direction C# 4.0 is taking, generics... [Read More]

Tampa Code Camp

Tampa Code Camp is coming up in just two weeks, so be sure to register now if you plan to attend. The speaker bios and full agenda haven’t been published yet, but the list of sessions is now available. If you’re going, be sure to check out my... [Read More]

Windows Mobile 6.5

A few months ago, Motorola mentioned Windows Mobile 6.5 in an earnings call: “Windows Mobile 6 has not delivered the experience that I think Apple has been able to deliver, but as you look at the plan that Windows Mobile 7 and even 6.5, I think there are... [Read More]

Test Driven Development Firestarter

Event Date: Saturday, January 19, 2009 Event Time: 08:30 (registration), 09:00 – 17:00 Event Location: Microsoft Tampa Office If you want to learn what TDD is all about, this is the event to attend. It’s a day-long event where you will go from start to... [Read More]

CodeRush Xpress for C#

Developer Express, the makers of CodeRush, have teamed up with Microsoft to make a scaled down version available for free called CodeRush Xpress. This is exclusively for C# developers working in Visual Studio 2008 and includes a selection of hand-picked features from CodeRush and Refactor! Pro. A... [Read More]