Orlando Code Camp 2008 - Thanks!

I just got back from Orlando Code Camp 2008 and wanted to thank everyone who was involved in organizing it and everyone who came out to attend sessions. I believe there were about 250 people attending with about 40 speakers presenting on over 50 topics. For those of you who... [Read More]

Organize your travel with TripIt

A lot of people have been talking lately about TripIt, a web-based travel organizer website created by some of the same people that brought you Hotwire. TripIt, however, isn’t your ordinary travel site. With the ever increasing use of online services to make travel plans, organizing the details scattered... [Read More]

New Lineup of SlickEdit Tools

I have talked about the SlickEdit Tools and Gadgets in the past (here and here) and have always been impressed with both of them. Previously, the SlickEdit Tools were only available for Visual Studio 2005. Now that Visual Studio 2008 is here, SlickEdit has released an update that... [Read More]

Tech·Ed 2008: Get Involved with Birds-of-a-Feather

Help Make the Birds-of-a-Feather Discussions a Success! Contribute to the Community and Get Rewarded June 3-6 Orlando, FL INETA is once again coordinating the Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions at Tech·Ed 2008. Based upon feedback, the deadline for topic submissions has been extended to... [Read More]

How big is the .NET Framework?

No, this question isn’t asking how much disk space is required by the Framework. It’s really asking “How complex is the .NET Framework for developers?” As you might guess, the answer is: It’s pretty complex. All joking aside, this is neither an uncommon nor unreasonable question and answer. The reality... [Read More]