Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

The Microsoft MIX08 conference is going on this week and even though I didn’t go this year (maybe next year or ReMix) there are enough people blogging about what’s happening at the conference that you can still keep up with most... [Read More]

BillG demos Xobni

I have talked about Xobni several times before and absolutely love this product. It turns out Xobni is a Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program partner. There are lots of benefits to the program like free software, consulting help, press releases, introductions to Microsoft people, partners, and even VCs.... [Read More]

Customizing TFS Reports

If you use TFS, you have probably wanted to customize at least one of the reports or create your own custom report. Fortunately, the Microsoft patterns & practices group has published an excellent white paper that explains how to create or customize TFS reports. [Read More]

Code Signing

Ever since the .NET Framework was first release, Microsoft has always recommended that your code be signed. Windows Vista drives this point home even more with UAC and the Windows Error Reporting (WER) features, not to mention the fact that it’s a requirement for Vista logo certification. John Robbins from... [Read More]

The additive nature of the .NET Framework

Also from Paul’s blog post and the .NET Framework Namespace poster is an excellent diagram that shows the relationship between the .NET Framework 3.5 release and the other versions of the Framework. This clearly shows the additive nature of both the .NET 3.0 and... [Read More]