Debugging Finalizers

For the last few years, I’ve tried to make more .NET developers aware of the IDisposable interface, the Dispose pattern, and the importance of having at least a basic understanding of how the Garbage Collector works. I have one article on The Code Project and various blog... [Read More]

Windows Live ID now supports Windows CardSpace

Well, this isn’t actually breaking news, but at the end of August, Windows Live ID added support for Windows CardSpace as a new way to sign in to any Live ID enabled website. Using CardSpace means you don’t use a password to sign in, instead you send your Information Card.... [Read More]

Linked Windows Live IDs

For those that have multiple Windows Live IDs, you can now link your Windows Live accounts together and easily switch between them using the Linked Windows Live ID service. To set this up, go to and look for the section called Linked Windows Live... [Read More]

Windows Vista User Experience (UX) Guidelines

The Windows Vista UX Guide is probably the most comprehensive UX guide that Microsoft has published. The big drawback has been that it was only available online through MSDN. Fortunately, as of today, the UX Guide is now available as a PDF document so you can read all... [Read More]

Release builds are not Debug builds

Scott Hanselman has an excellent post on his blog where he talks about the differences between release builds and debug builds. Just to reiterate what should be obvious, as Scott points out: Release builds are optimized for speed and debug builds are optimized for, well, debug-ability. However, most... [Read More]