New and Updated SnapShots

The folks at Snap have released a new Snap Shot, called the MapShot. Once activated, it display a map of an address, a point of intersection or a location specified using latitude and longitude. This is the first release and only works with <a... [Read More]

Live Search Box Updates...again

It seems I’ve gone a little Live Search crazy today and I have updated the Live Search box on my blog again. This is the last one, I promise. I have added a new tab to search The Code Project and made the search results panel a little bit... [Read More]

Live Search Box Updates

Earlier today, I talked about Live Search and how to add a Live Search Box to your website. In those posts, I talked about the 3-step wizard that allows you to easily add the Advanced Search Box to your site and the fact that it doesn’t allow... [Read More]

Virtual Earth Interactive SDK

With the release of the Virtual Earth 6 API, there is a new Interactive SDK that goes along with it. If you haven’t seen the Interactive SDK, it’s a great way to learn the VE API using a “show and tell” model. The SDK shows a list of the... [Read More]

Adding a Live Search Box to your website

As I was adding the Live Search Box to my blog, I realized that it wasn’t entirely clear how to find the page that explains how to do this. The actual main link is on the Live Search homepage  and is the “For Webmasters” link.... [Read More]