TFS Adoption at Microsoft

Brian Harry just released new statistics on Microsoft’s internal adoption of TFS as they passed some fairly major milestones this month. Apparently, the adoption continues to grow at a fairly rapid pace, and there are now 1,160 Team Projects in production with 1,023,088 work items across all of the... [Read More]

Parallel FX Library

In the latest online edition of MSDN magazine, there are two articles describing some upcoming additions to the .NET Framework that will add support for parallel processing. These additions are part of what is called the Parallel FX Library, which is currently in development. A CTP should be released sometime... [Read More]

Add vs. AddRange

It was recently pointed out to me that not many developers are familiar with the TreeNodeCollection.AddRange method and how it differs from the TreeNodeCollection.Add method. Even though I am focusing specifically on the methods available through the TreeNodeCollection, exposed by the TreeView.Nodes property, the concepts apply... [Read More]

Using vs. Using

“Deuces you say”, there is no difference…right? Wrong! In the C# language, using is a keyword. Unfortunately, this is one of those times that a single keyword has multiple uses: As a preprocessor directive used to create an alias for a namespace or to import types defined in... [Read More]

Latest email spam

I don’t know about you, but I get lots of email spam, most of which I just completely ignore. I do, however, periodically review what lands in my “Junk e-mail” folder to make sure something wasn’t put there by mistake. As a result, the first email in the list always ends... [Read More]