C# 3.0 Automatic Properties

Defining properties can be very tedious. Suppose you have a class public class UserProfile { private int userrId; private string firstName; private string lastName; public int UserId... [Read More]

Visual Studio 2008 Code Editor Improvements

Scott Guthrie has a great blog post about some really cool editor improvements in Visual Studio 2008. As Scott points out, one of the big annoyances with VS2005 as the fact that the intellisense window obscures any code behind it. In VS2008, if you hold down the “Ctrl” while the... [Read More]

StarTech.com Print Server

I recently straightened up my home office and decided to move the printer to a different corner of my desk. Of course, the corner I wanted it at was about as far away from the computer as possible and I didn’t have a long enough parallel port cable (and I’m... [Read More]

Windows Vista Performance and Reliability Updates

Microsoft has just released two updates for Windows Vista that address some of the performance and reliability issues people have been seeing. These updates are a precursor to the upcoming Windows Vista SP1 release. You can get more details and download them from here: Windows Vista Performance Update (KB 938979):... [Read More]

Referenced on Wikipedia

I periodically look at my blog statistics, more out of idle curiosity than anything else. As part of that, I look at the referrers to the various blog posts. Today, as I was browsing my referrer list, I noticed that one of the referrers was Wikipedia. Intrigued, I took... [Read More]