Microsoft to Acquire aQuantive, Inc.

Microsoft has just announced (Wall Street Select announcement) that they are acquiring aQuantive for $6 billion, double the price Google paid for DoubleClick earlier this month. This is the largest acquisition in Microsoft’s history, and will allow Microsoft to create the next generation of advertising platforms. When asked... [Read More]

IronPython Running on Mono

When Microsoft announced the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) at MIX07, it was an interesting concept. Now, thanks to some very hard work by some of the talented people on the Mono project, it only took 16 days to get Microsoft’s IronPython running with DLR on Mono. This means that IronPython can... [Read More]

Tech·Ed for Novices

Microsoft has created a Tips for the “Newbie” page designed to give first time Tech·Ed attendees a fighting chance of finding their way around. It does a decent job letting the first timer know about what Tech·Ed has to offer, but I don’t think it goes nearly far enough.... [Read More]

BlueCasting at Tech·Ed!

Last time it was RFID, this time it’s Bluetooth. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, you have the opportunity to receive content on it. What this content actually is hasn’t been mentioned yet, but hopefully it will involve useful things like schedule changes and other... [Read More]

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server “Longhorn” has officially been named Windows Server 2008. To go along with the name change, Microsoft has made Beta 3 publicly available for download. You can download it from either the TechNet Beta Central site, or the MSDN Evaluation Center site. You can also order it on DVD.... [Read More]